Our Products

  Sebamed is a medicinal skin care system. Unlike other cosmetic products, sebamed has been developed as a system of prophylactic and regenerative skin care with especially high skin tolerability for the use in sensitive and problematic skin..

  Tradition and competence since 1890 in the extraction and processing of natural herbal and extracts, speaks for itself. The experience and the knowledge of the effectiveness of plants and herbs, combined with the most modern scientific methods.
Take the opportunity to help people with skin, hair and scalp problems by offering them competent consultancy. You can benefit from the strengths of RAUSCH.
  Emu oil contains more than 70% of unsaturated fatty acids, of which 20% essential fatty acids. The remarkable aspect of emu oil is the ratio between the saturated, unsaturated and essential fatty acids which matches closely the ratio of the fatty acids in the human skin.
  The highly effective oral and dental care products from One Drop Only help you by balance recipes with natural ingredients like mint and tea tree oil make you feel completely refreshed everyday and your teeth are with long lasting protection against cavities and plaque.
  Lactona is manufacturer of premium quality toothbrushes. The high quality nylon filaments (Dupont Tynex) for improved bend recovery/memory either flat trimmed or serrated, multi-tufted, end-rounded and polished.
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