Toothpaste Concentrate
The One Drop Only® Toothpaste Concentrate provides consolidated medicinal oral hygiene for teeth, tongue and gums. Ingredients, which have been optimally composed to suit each other, ensure effective support of caries prevention, a pleasant fresh and clean feeling on the tongue and in the whole of the mouth and long lasting fresh breath.
Product features:
  • Natural ingredients like peppermint oil, bisabolol, clove and tea tree oil have an antibacterial effect, protect the gums and freshen breath
  • Fluoride encourages remineralisation and strengthens tooth enamel
  • Sodium bicarbonate works like a polish for the teeth
  • Clinically tested
  • Sensitive - low RDA value of 30, therefore especially gentle on tooth enamel
  • Concentrated formula, low dosage – therefore especially good for electric toothbrushes with small heads
  • No sodium lauryl sulphate surfactant and no preservatives
Instructions for use
Dentists recommend cleaning your teeth three times a day, i.e. after main mealtimes. You should clean your teeth for three minutes each time and systematically. The outer and inner surfaces of the teeth should be cleaned with a circular motion and light pressure, before cleaning the chewing surfaces. After cleaning rinse out thoroughly with the last foam so that the bacteria and coatings that have been loosened can be completely removed from the mouth.
Content: 50ml
(Available in Malaysia & Singapore)