Tongue-Cleaner Classic and Compact
The One Drop Only® Tongue-Cleaner is a combination of tongue brush and tongue scraper for soft but thorough cleaning of the sensitive back of the tongue. Coatings on the tongue are loosened with the brush side before being removed from the back of the tongue using the scraper side. The One Drop Only® Tongue-Cleaner is available in two sizes: classic and compact.
Product features:
  • Helps to fight bad breath by removing bacterial coatings on the tongue
  • Flat shape reduces retching reflex
  • Length guarantees that even the back regions of the tongue can be cleaned
  • Reduces plaque by up to a third
  • Tongue-Cleaner compact especially suitable for children of six years and over and people with narrow jaws
  • Regular tongue cleaning improves the sense of taste
  • With practical travel cap
Instructions for use
The tongue should be cleaned twice daily after tooth brushing. If used regularly, the tongue-cleaner should be changed every six to eight weeks - just like your toothbrush.
Size available : Classic and Compact.
(Available in Singapore only)