Lactona is manufacturer of premium quality toothbrushes. The high quality nylon filaments (Dupont Tynex) for improved bend recovery/memory either flat trimmed or serrated, multi-tufted, end-rounded and polished.

  • Extra-soft: after periodontal surgery
  • Soft: for most users
  • Medium: for people who prefer a firmer texture to massage the gums
  • Hard: good for removing plaque from partial dentures, better for cleaning or removable orthodontic appliances
Lactona toothbrushes have straight handles with a round brush-head and wide thumb area for better grip and control to access hard to reach areas of the mouth.

Lactona IQ Extra-soft, Soft & Medium
For adults and children from the age of ± 10 years
  • Extra-soft, soft and medium, 4 rows. Densely concentrated pattern for optimal cleaning
  • Compact, optimal access due to special brush-head design.
  • Long handle with a narrow neck.
Articleno’s: 40155729 iQ extra-soft, 40155728 iQ soft, 40155738 iQ medium
(Available in Malaysia only)